Hi! I’m Ronnie. I like talking. A LOT. Currently, I co-host the podcasts Watch What Crappens, Rose Pricks: A Bachelor Roast and Winter is Crappening. I used to run the sites TVgasm and TrashTalkTV, and I’ve written jokes for MTV, LMFAO, Bravo Digital and the Playboy channel (you’re all huh?) and appeared as a talking head for Playboy and TVGuide Channel (I know. I know.). I’ve been an improvisor in Los Angeles for fifteen years and have performed/studied at Upright Citizens Brigade, IO West, and The Groundlings. Because if you pay for a lot of classes, you’ll eventually be in movies with Will Ferrell and bang models. Right? Right?

Current Stuff:  Watch What Crappens Bravo Podcast Rose Pricks: A Bachelor Roast and Winter is Crappening Game of Thrones Podcast Past/Off Season Stuff: RHOBH Audiobooks oniTunes and Stitcher, RHOBH Recaps (Written) Big Brother Smother Podcast  Big Brother in 2 Minutes Videos Survivor in 2 Minutes Videos RHOBH in 2 Minutes Videos RHOC in 2 Minutes Videos 2 Gays Videos Sketch Videos All my videos are on the TrashTalkTeeVee YouTube page! You can also find me on twitter and instagram!