Hi! I’m Ronnie. I like talking. A LOT. Currently, I run TrashTalkTV.com, which is dedicated to slandering morons on TV (Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recaps, Big Brother in 2 Minutes Videos, Project Runway Teaser) . I also co-host the podcasts Watch What Crappens, Rose Pricks: A Bachelor Roast and Big Brother Smother, and have started posting audiobooks of my Real Housewives recaps which you can find on iTunes and Stitcher.

I’ve written jokes for MTV, LMFAO and the Playboy channel (you’re all huh?) and appeared as a talking head for Playboy and TVGuide Channel (I know. I know.).

I’ve been an improvisor in Los Angeles for ten years and have performed/studied at Upright Citizens Brigade, IO West, and The Groundlings. Because if you pay for a lot of classes, you’ll eventually be in movies with Will Ferrell and bang models. Right?


Current Stuff: 

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Rose Pricks Bachelor Podcast

Past/Off Season Stuff:

Big Brother Smother Podcast 

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All my videos are on the TrashTalkTeeVee YouTube page! You can also find me on twitter and instagram!